Dodson & Horrell Foal Creep Pellets 20kg

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Foal Creep Pellets Nutritionally balanced, high quality protein pellets for foals whose dams are not producing sufficient milk or orphan foals. Information: Foal Creep Pellets are highly digestible and packed full of all the components that nursing and orphan foals need to grow and develop. Nutritionally tailored for young, growing foals and fully fortified with vitamins and chelated minerals. Encourage a controlled glycaemic response and contain an optimal ratio of calcium and phosphorus to promote controlled growth. Can be fed from two weeks old until weaning. Feeding guidelines: 800g/100kg bodyweight 3-4 month old nursing foal (140-170kg) = 1.1-1.4kg per day 6-7 month old weanling (215-235kg) = 1.75-1.9kg per day

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