Dodson & Horrell Ultimate Balancer 10kg

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Ultimate Balancer Low calorie, high specification, low intake feed balancer for all horses and ponies. Information: Ultimate Balancer is the ideal way to give first class support to horses and ponies who either need to lose weight or who gain weight easily. Incorporating the latest nutritional advances into equine feeding, including our research into antioxidants and vitamin and mineral levels in pasture, Ultimate Balancer ensures your horse or pony has all the nutrients they need. Ideal for topping-up natural vitamin levels in forage and for providing essential amino acids for overall health and muscle development. Ideal for good doers and horses and ponies who need to lose weight. Complete range of vitamins and chelated minerals. Optimal levels of essential amino acids, including Lysine and methionine to support muscle mass during weight loss. Added effective levels of biotin for hoof health, plus MSM for mobility. Contains B vitamins to support your horseâ„¢s natural energy metabolism. Live Actisaf yeast and prebiotics to support digestive health. Contains our patented QLC antioxidant package for immune health. Suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. Feeding guidelines: 100g/100kg bodyweight 300kg pony = 300g per day

Verdauliche Energie: ? MJ/kg
Rohprotein: ? %
Rohfett: ? %
Rohasche: ? %
Rohfaser: ? %
Stärke: ? %
Zucker: ? %
Calcium: ? %
Phosphor: ? %
Magnesium: ? %
Natrium: ? %
Chlorid: ? %
Kalium: ? %
Schwefel: ? %
Salz: ? %
Lysin: ? g/kg
Methionin: ? g/kg
Threonin: ? g/kg
Tryptophan: ? g/kg
Valin: ? g/kg
Vitamin A – E672: ? IE
Vitamin D3 – E671: ? IE
Vitamin E (dl-a-tocopherol acet.): ? mg/kg
Vitamin K: ? mg/kg
Vitamin B1 Thiamin: ? mg/kg
Vitamin B2 Riboflavin: ? mg/kg
Vitamin B3 Nicotinsäure: ? mg/kg
Vitamin B5 – d-Pantothensäure: ? mg/kg
Vitamine B6 : ? mg/kg
Vitamine B12: ? mg/kg
Vitamin H – Biotin: ? mg/kg
Vitamine B4 Choline Chloride : ? mg/kg
Vitamin B9 – Foliumzuur: ? mg/kg
Vitamin C – Ascorbinezuur: ? mg/kg
L-Carnitin: ? mg/kg
Beta-Caroteen: ? mg/kg
Co Kobalt: ? mg/kg
Fe Sulfat monohydrat – E1: ? mg/kg
Ki Kaliumjodid – E2: ? mg/kg
Cu Kupfer Sulfat-Pentahydrat - E4: ? mg/kg
Mn oxide – E5: ? mg/kg
Zn oxide – E6: ? mg/kg
Se: ? mg/kg
DCAB: ? mg/kg
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