Dodson & Horrell Convalescent Diet 20kg

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Dodson & Horrell Convalescent Diet


Low-intake, whole oat free muesli for horses and ponies on box rest or recuperating post-surgery.

Periods of box rest or recuperation can place both physical and mental stress on your horse; Convalescent Diet is an oat free muesli, with added magnesium, to promote a calm temperament and a speedy recovery.

• Highly palatable and low-intake.
• Whole oat free with added magnesium to encourage calm behaviour.
• High specification nutrition with patented QLC antioxidants to support immune health.
• Added L-Lysine and high quality protein to maintain muscle mass.
• Blend of fibre sources to support digestive health.


Feeding guidelines

400g/100kg bodyweight
500kg horse = 2 scoops (2.0kg) per day

*Please use scoop provided.

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