Dodson & Horrell ERS Cubes 20kg

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ERS Pellets Ultra-low starch, high calorie performance feed for horses and ponies in hard work. Information: Our ERS Pellets have been specifically formulated to deliver the results for performance but in a way that does not compromise the health of horses who need a diet lower in soluble carbohydrates. High calorie for performance and weight maintenance. Energy from digestible fibre and oil, rather than cereals. High levels of vitamin E and patented QLC antioxidants to Ëœmop-upâ„¢ excess free radicals. Nutritional support of muscle function and development, with high quality protein and added L-Lysine. Includes our electrolyte package to encourage post-exercise recovery and rehydration. Added mint, fenugreek and cramp bark for palatability and herbal support. Feeding guidelines: 800g/100kg bodyweight 500kg horse = 4 scoops (4kg) per day

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