Keyflow Pink Mash

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  • Brand new from Keyflow, Pink Mash™ is heaven for the hindgut
  • Add to the daily diet to support exceptional hind gut health
  • No added vitamins and minerals so safe to feed with any diet without risk of imbalance
  • Soaks in only 5-10 minutes - feed within 2 hours after soaking to ensure maximum benefit
  • Added micronised linseed
  • Contains high levels of Protexin® Probiotics to restore beneficial microflora in the hind gut for more efficient fibre conversion
  • Added prebiotics to selectively target and remove unwanted bacteria
  • Extremely low in sugar and starch, laminitis and barefoot friendly
  • Ideal for horses prone to digestive upset and horses that struggle to maintain and build condition
  • Can be fed as partial hay/forage replacement
  • Hydrating, can be used during and after travel to restore hydration 

Perfect for:

  • All horses as a healthy addition of fibre without sugar
  • All horses as a hind gut health boost
  • Extremely palatable so can be used to encourage eating
  • Horses prone to ulcers
  • Horses sensitive to starch 
  • Horses and ponies with laminitis 


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