Keyflow Sensi-Care

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Pre-digested, Cereal Free, Palatable Soothing Muesli

Keyflow® Sensi-Care® is a super palatable CEREAL AND MOLASSES FREE, high fibre, HIGH OILLOW STARCH feed for sensitive horses and ponies. This scientifically formulated ration has been pre-digested by way of STEAM EXTRUSION and micronisation to support MAXIMUM DIGESTION and absorption of nutrients. These advanced feed technologies ensure the digestion of this ration is kind and SYMPATHETIC TO THE STOMACH, small intestine and hind gut.

Sensi-Care® is suitable for a wide range of horses and ponies, including those prone to issues such as the following: GASTRIC ULCERS • inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) • nervy or ERRATIC BEHAVIOUR •  hind gut discomfort • FUSSY FEEDING or LACK OF APPETITE • skin disorders • muscle stiffness • lack of nutrient absorption • laminitis • UNEXPLAINED POOR CONDITION • LOOSE DROPPINGS or faecal liquid • PPID (CUSHING’S) or other metabolic disorders and more.

Sensi-Care® keeps your horse calm, SOOTHED AND SETTLED whilst building and maintaining PRIME CONDITION. Truly healthy condition is achieved through the inclusion of the highest quality MUSCLE BUILDING protein (EQ-Complete™), specifically selected to match the horses amino acid requirements. Cool calories are provided from our stabilised rice bran Key-Plus™, COLD PRESSED OMEGA 3 OILS and MULTI-SOURCE FIBRE.  Various omega sources ensure balanced levels of omega 3, 6 and 9, to support all round health and vitality along with supple skin and coat shine.

This unique soothing muesli contains a blend of chopped and ground super fibres contributing to a level of OVER 20% FIBRE. Multiple fibre sources allow the digestive system to thrive by supporting a DIVERSE MICROBIOME. A healthy hind gut environment enables OPTIMUM DIGESTIVE EFFICIENCY, better feed conversion and overall well being. Sensi-Care® includes concentrated PROTEXIN® PROBIOTICS to feed the hind gut with BENEFICIAL BACTERIA, whilst also helping to stabilise and maintain vital microflora. Quality MOS prebiotics bind and remove unwanted bacteria, BRINGING ENHANCED HEALTH FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

Sensi-Care® is a complete muesli feed, providing balanced levels of vitamins and readily absorbed chelated minerals, chelation ensures optimal absorption and nutrient utilisation. This non-heating, high oil, low sugar and starch formulation provides cool condition, whilst maintaining a settled digestive system.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Free from cereal grains
  • High in fibre
  • Very low sugar (3.8%) and starch (8%)
  • Non-heating cool condition
  • Exceptional digestive support from Protexin® probiotics and prebiotics
  • Added omega 3 for all round health and vitality
  • High quality proteins for healthy muscle functioning, development and repair
  • Contains sunflower seeds to provide antioxidant benefits
  • Coconut flavouring to tempt the fussiest and pickiest eaters
  • Molasses free
  • Concentrated formulation, you can feed less but keep your horse in great condition

For horses in low to medium work or for maintenance feed 400g of Sensi-Care® per 100kg of bodyweight.

For horses in harder work or those which require an increase in healthy body condition feed 400-800g of Sensi-Care® per 100kg of bodyweight.

Sensi-Care mixes perfectly with our Pink Mash®

Always provide fresh, clean water. Combine with forage/fibre totalling 1.5%-2% of the horses bodyweight daily. Feeding rates above are a guide only.

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