Medvetico Brandon+ Powercell Zink 3kg

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Medvetico Brandon+ Powercell Zink


Intensive agricultural cultivation leads to the increasing depletion of nutrients in the soil and is responsible for the fact that horses can often no longer meet there needs with their staple feed. As a result, serious nutrient deficiencies are occurring ever more frequently, particularly with regard to the important vital substances of zinc, selenium, manganese and copper. In order to compensate for this, the body needs highly bioavailable nutrients added to the feed.

The nutrients in all Brandon® plus powercell products are present in 100% organic chelate complexes which can be absorbed quickly by the body and transported to their destinations. The PSB® complexes (functional cellular building blocks) promote the regeneration of the intestinal mucous membranes and cause an enlargement of the intestinal villi, thus increasing the absorption efficiency.

Zinc is a component in important enzymes which are involved in numerous metabolic processes and antioxidant reactions. Other biological functions affect the immune system, the preservation of genetic structures and cell division. This makes it a valuable nutritional addition to the PSB® complexes (functional cellular building blocks) which accelerate the production of immune cells, among other things, since these cells are not capable of synthesising their own nucleotides (cellular building blocks).

Zinc also plays a crucial role in the cornification process and is therefore jointly responsible for maintaining and regenerating the horn, skin and hair.

Owing to the high bioavailability of the zinc compounds it contains and their combination with PSB® complexes which cause an enlargement of the absorption surfaces in the intestine, Brandon® plus powercell zinc is ideal for quickly and reliably balancing a zinc deficiency through feeding.

• for skin changes, accompanied by hair loss, dry and flaky skin and itchiness
• for wound healing problems
• for summer eczema
• for seasonal coat change
• for immune system disorders (susceptibility to infection)
• for reduced horn quality in the hooves



Maize germ, rice bran, beet fibre, yeast extract (PSB® complex and beta-glucans) 10%, malt-yeast-wort, cracked linseed 5%, isomaltose, cold-pressed linseed oil 2.8%, sea salt, grape skins, herbs (rosemary, hawthorn) 2%, seaweed meal, magnesium acetate, turmeric, grape seed extract, calcified seaweed


Feeding recommendation

Approx. 20 g per 100 kg of body weight daily or as recommended by your veterinarian. Brandon® plus powercell zinc should be given mixed into the feed.
1 measuring cup = approx. 100 g

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