Medvetico Brandon XP "Performance" 20kg

Article number: 103129

Medvetico Brandon XP


Brandon xp is an energy-rich muesli for sports horses and horses with intensive performance requirements. Thanks to a special processing procedure (lacto fermentation), a majority of the starch present in the millet becomes resistant to digestion in the small intestine (ß-glucosidic linking) and thereby stimulates the formation of energy-rich, shortchain fatty acids in the large intestine. This means a steady supply of energy without high fluctuations in blood sugar.

As a result, the insulin response is also more moderate than that triggered by conventional concentrated feedstuffs containing grain. The low glycemic feed ensures less build-up of lactic acid in the muscles and lower levels of heat and sweat production in sports horses along with better stress tolerance. Furthermore, Brandon® xp also contains high-fat ingredients (oil seeds) as well as additional sources of energy which are readily digested in the large intestine, making the digestible energy 13.8 MJ / kg.

• for horses with increased performance requirements
• as a weight gain feed
• as a follow-on feed or as a combined feed with Brandon xl for horses with health problems, when a grain-free feed is no longer indicated


Feeding recommendation

0.5 – 1.0 kg / 100 kg body weight / day
Divided into at least 3 portions
Hay ad libitum or as recommended by your veterinarian

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