St-Hippolyt Glyx Lobs 1kg

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St-Hippolyt Glyx Lobs


Happiness without Sugar

A juicy apple, a crisp carrot, fresh grass, crusty bread or a delicious fragrant grain cereal after work - at first glance it seems to be quite a healthy reward for the horse. But many of these “treats” contain a considerable amount of sugar and starch. An excess of sugar and starch raises blood sugar levels and increases the risk of laminitis. But there are ways to reward a horse, without risk, and without the horse lover developing a guilty conscience.


Everyone's happiness

• reduced in starch and sugar
• suitable for allergy sufferers
• tasty and very healthy
• in handy cube-form

Glyx Lobs treats are a healthy alternative to conventional treats; they are reduced in carbohydrate and sugar and therefore useful for all horses who should not receive additional hidden calories.


A tribute to problem cases A

nyone who has a horse with problems like obesity, Equine Metabolic Syndrome, Cushing's syndrome, polysaccharide storage myopathy (PSSM) or laminitis, should be afraid to reward their horse with a treat. Unfortunately, conventional treats often have high levels of sugar or carbohydrates, to make them palatable in the first place. However, these types of reward are not suitable for horses with such problems.

Glyx Lobs are designed so that you can reward your horse safely, with a tasty and healthy treat.



Carrots, sugar beet fibres, linseed, barleygrass, wheatgrass, dried apple, grass of oat, rice bran, milk thistle, parsley, herbs (nettle, bramble leaves, camomile, melissa, sage, yarrow), brewer‘s yeast, yeast-mixture fermented, calcium carbonate (maritime and mineral), beetroot, wheat bran, cold pressed linseed oil, isomaltose (ß-glucans)


Feeding recommendation

A few cubes per day as a reward

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