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St-Hippolyt MicroVital


Vanish the Blemish

If shedding becomes a problem, if the immune status declines, if unexplainable tiredness or poor performances are accompanied with nervousness or a reduced ability to cope with stress, it is highly likely that your horse’s feed lacks an adequate dietary supply in trace elements and other vital nutrients. In many cases, simply feeding a conventional mineral supplement may just not be enough. MicroVital has been specifically formulated to fill this gap and has been proven to be very effective very quickly.

MicroVital has been specifically formulated to quickly and efficiently balance any mineral deficiencies by offering highly bio-available mineral and trace elements.

• rich in zinc, copper and manganese
• regulatory protein components ensure a fast transport
• reliably balances mineral deficiencies, even when fed in low quantities
• produces fast, visible results

There are many situations that increase the horse’s requirement in trace elements. Especially shedding, environment or use-related stress as well as breeding, high performances and age lead to a higher need in trace elements. Especially stressed horses, horses suffering from overacidification or those with a poor immune system, horses suffering from allergies, eczema or metabolic disorders also have a higher requirement in trace elements. A diet high in grains and protein will also increase the horse’s need for vital nutrients.


Lack in basic feeds

Conventional diets consisting of pasture grass, hay or silage frequently do not meet the equine requirements in trace elements, neither when supplemented with grain. Nutrient depleted soil on the one side – and in this respect the most commonly known lack in selenium – and an overuse on the other side, an unbalanced fertilization of pasture and farmland and a lack in herbs rich in minerals are the reason for the poor quality of conventional basic equine horse feed today.

The following deficiency symptoms are known with horses: coat, skin and hoof problems, mental disorders, immune disorders, digestive problems like flatulence and colic, muscle and performance problems. But also low-weight horses, fertility problems, stunted growth and development disorders and the diet-related sweet itch are possible consequences


Highly bio-available minerals – a sure means of efficient supplementation

Organically bound minerals and trace elements can comprise amino acid chelates or sugar compounds and can be found in such substances as yeast or algae. But the body does not absorb all of these different types of organic mineral compounds equally well.


Natural regulatory protein components

Plant-derived regulatory protein components support the functioning of trace elements and vitamins inside the organism and thus naturally enhance health. This benefits in particular the immune system and the metabolism, it increases the horse’s ability to cope with stress and facilitates quick recovery after state of exhaustion.


Vital health and new energy reserves

MicroVital is a highly efficient mineral supplement for horses that closes an important gap in conventional equine nutrition by providing a balanced combination of biophilic trace elements and regulatory protein components.

MicroVital has been formulated specifically to optimally revitalize and improve health. It thus contains a perfectly balanced selection of only the highest-quality vital and natural nutrients.



Carrots, brewer`s yeast, brewer`s yeast extract, oil seed mixture (linseed, sunflower, fennel) 9 %, maize germs, seaweed meal, malt-yeast-mixture, pea protein, cold pressed oil mixture (linseed, sunflower, maize germ oil) 3 %, apple syrup, salt, wheat bran, garlic, grape seed extract, coriander, lovage


Feeding recommendation

Mix approx. 15-20 g per 100 kg body weight into the daily amount of concentrates. 1 measuring cup = 120 g.
Please note: during winter feeding, an additional supply of vitamins should be considered if MicroVital is administered alone.

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