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St-Hippolyt MoviCur


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If our horse is lame, if an obviously devastating diagnosis seems to threaten the common future with our horse, turning to nature for help can sometimes provide a more than valuable and adequate solution. In recent years, there has been mounting evidence for the crucial role of diet in the development of joint and tendon diseases, as well as for general mobility problems. It has been verified by studies that an adequate supply in trace elements and minerals, high-quality fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins as well as a range of metabolism- activating herbs are highly beneficial for the horse’s general mobility and well-being. New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels in particular have been found to contain a range of highly valuable properties in this regard, and their positive effects have already formed the subject of countless scientific studies with humans and animals.

• rich in specially selected active herbs
• contains biotechnologically refined brown millet as organic silicon compound
• rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids
• certified mussels quality

Movicur has proven itself over years of application, and its rich variety of nutrients makes it an ideal supplement for hard-working competition horses, for valuable youngsters and older approved horses


Research subject green lipped mussel

JThe most crucial nutritional component of Movicur is the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel extract. According to the marine scientist John Croft, its special nutritional impact is based on interacting biological functions.

However, according to his findings, only high-quality, premium mussel extracts have been found to unfold their entire beneficial effect as this mussel extract contains a special carbohydrate complex that is capable of controlling white blood cell proliferation the body produces in response to infection, but without suppressing the body’s immune system. Mussel extract also contains special long-chain fatty acids and enzymes which promote the formation of infection-inhibiting prostaglandins that are known for smoothly counteracting infections.

John Croft also talks about a third mechanism of action. It is the nutritious supply with mucopolysaccharides, also known as glycosaminoglycan. The body’s own chondrocytes are normally able to produce this type of protein- sugar compounds that contribute to the proper development of the cartilage tissue, giving the cartilage its pressure- and shock-absorbing and the synovial fluid its friction-reducing properties. Unfortunately, a horse’s diet is frequently too unbalanced, and years of deficiency can severely disturb the glycosaminoglycan-synthesis


Efficient nutrient supplementation

The combination of the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel with herbs, fermented brown millet and horsetail as sources of natural silicon, collagen-forming proteins, ocean- derived ground algae extract that protects the tissue, and the special supply with trace elements make Movicur a unique and extremely efficient supplement, serving different purposes. It sustainably supports the body’s ability to regenerate and build up connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joint, and with additional ingredients such as vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids derived from mussel extract and linseed as well as complex sugar derived from algae, Movicur contains a huge range of natural tissue-protective active ingredients.

A healthy and balanced diet can efficiently reduce any risk of loss of elasticity and progressive cartilage degeneration as well as the thinning of the synovial fluid which is also associated with a considerable loss of its lubricating properties.



Maize germs, barley flakes, malt, herbs (birch leaves, equisetum arvense, camomile, dandelion, goldenrod) 12%, oil seed mixture (linseed, sunflower, fennel) 8%, millet, carrots, oil mixture (linseed, sunflower oil) cold pressed 4% sea algae flour, garlic , grape seed extract, brewer‘s yeast, apple syrup, shell flour (GLME) 3%, sugar beet molasses, spirulina algae, calcium carbonate (maritime and mineral), Himalayan crystal salt, salt, sugar beet fibres, dried apple, magnesium acetate, wheat bran, fruit vinegar, pea protein


Feeding recommendation

Mix approx. 40 g per 100 kg body weight into the daily amount of concentrates. For preventive feeding, approx. 20 g per 100 kg body weight are sufficient. 1 measuring cup = 115 g
Please note: not suitable for covering horses’ total mineral requirements.

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