St-Hippolyt Reform Müsli G 20kg

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St-Hippolyt Reform Müsli G


Powerful Composure

Nervous and difficult to ride? Some horses are obviously that high-strung by an oat-based diet that only the grain from the Orient can help. In combination with oleaginous fruits, oils and fibres, highly digestive barley flakes provide the required energy that turn even lively horses into balanced partners for sports and recreational purposes.


Free from oats and full of energy

The highly nutritional, balanced and delicious Reformmüsli "G" has been specifically designed as feed for lively horses and bad keepers.

• particularly tasty and nutritious
• based on highly-digestive cereal flakes
• free from oats and low in protein content
• contains herbs, ground algae, oils and oleaginous fruits


Versatile energy carrier free from oats

Reformmüsli "G" contains highly digestible barley and corn flakes, corn germs, linseed and sunflower seeds as well as their cold-pressed oils. Tasty and fermentable raw fibres such as dried apples, sugar beet fibres and alfalfa pellets provide the required energy. The protein content is low, however, the amino acid content is particularly well-adapted. Reformmüsli "G" is not only an excellent energy provider for working horses, it also helps skinny horses to thoroughly gain weight.


A harmonious digestion

The pristine plant fibres and dried fruits provide the necessary carbohydrates that increase the activity of the intestinal bacteria on the one hand and that support the bacterial synthesis of high-energy fatty acids and of essential vitamins on the other hand. Linseed and brewer's yeast serve to promote the intestinal motor function and protect the mucous membranes. Apart from digestion supporting carbohydrates, a delicious mixture of herbs stimulate appetite and chewing activity.


Tasty chewing fun

With its structured, muesli-like appearance and the richness of its ingredients, Reformmüsli "G" contributes considerably to a healthy and tasty diet. The high content of fibre and the delicious ingredients, particularly spice herbs, make Reformmüsli "G" a well-accepted feed for horses, specially also for picky horses. The molasse-structure ensures a completely delicious taste for your horse, free from dust.



Barley flakes, cornflakes, dried apples, sugar beet molasses, alfalfa fibres, wheat bran, oat bran, apple syrup, oil mixture (linseed, sunflower, maize germ oil) cold pressed 2.5%, oil seed mixture (linseed, sunflower, black caraway seeds) 2.5%, sugar beet fibres, herbs (coriander, peppermint, fennel, marjoram) 1.3%, calcium carbonate (maritime and mineral), maize germs, barley germs, grape seed extract, salt, garlic, seaweed meal, wheat germs, brewer‘s yeast, maltyeast- mixture


Feeding recommendation

To supplement a basic diet consisting of roughage and/or grass. No additional mineral feed is required when feeding at least 500-800 g per 100 kg body weight per day. The total amount of feed should be divided into several meals. If a lower dosage is used or in case of deficient supply, we recommend to additionally feed SemperMin or MicroVital.
1 litre = approx. 600 g

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