St-Hippolyt Struktur E Getreidefrei

Article number: 113350

Starch and reduced sugar muesli concentrate

Structure E Grain-Free provides concentrated energy from seedlings, oil fruits and hydrothermally digested legume flakes. Secondary plant substances from herbs promote well-being, the microbiome and health. Oil fruits such as hemp nuts and linseed are suppliers of the best omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Digestive brewer's yeast and easily fermentable fibers ensure a balanced, physiological intestinal flora.

• Gluten-free, reduced starch and sugar
• For horses that are sensitive to grain and have a higher energy requirement
• 30 valuable herbs stimulate digestion and promote well-being
• With valuable fatty acids from linseed and hemp nuts

As with our classic, the structure energetic, over 30 different nutritional herbs are used in seasonal changes. The herbs have a positive effect on the horse's health due to the content of secondary plant substances. Fennel, caraway and anise ensure the well-being of the digestive tract. Thyme, peppermint and black cumin support the function of the airways, especially in the cold winter months.

Due to the special recipe, Structure E Grain-Free is suitable for all horses and ponies. Particularly sensitive horses that react to grain, are over-acidic or suffer from muscle problems benefit from a low-starch and low-sugar diet. It is suitable as the sole crib feed for horses that are easy to feed to improve the amount of energy and balance of vital substances, as well as for horses that are difficult to feed and are already receiving large amounts of concentrated feed containing grain.


Oilseed mixture finely cracked (linseed, soy flakes hydrothermally digested (GMO-free), sunflower seeds, hemp nuts, fennel seeds, black cumin seeds), grass chopped warm air dried, lucerne chop, apple syrup, fruit fibers (apple, grape, rosemary, herbs (peppermint, coriander, coriander) Juniper berries, thyme, mallow leaves, chamomile, nettle, dandelion, marjoram, yarrow, caraway, anise, turmeric), beet fibers, pea flakes, beet, cold-pressed oil mixture (linseed, corn, sunflower oil), calcium carbonate (maritime and mineral), sweet potatoes Salt, magnesium fumarate, parsnip root, garlic, apple cider vinegar, brewer's yeast, Himalayan salt

Instructions for use

As a supplement to the basic forage supply with roughage and / or pasture grass. From an amount of approx. 150-300 g per 100 kg body weight and day, no additional mineral feed is necessary. For small horses, ponies and horses with a low energy requirement, Structure E Grain Free can be used as the sole crib feed. For large horses we recommend 1 kg, for highly stressed sport horses a maximum of 1.5 kg per day in combination with other St. Hippolyt crib feeds and / or grain. The total amount should be offered in several rations. In the case of lower dosages or supply deficits, we recommend adding SemperMin or MicroVital.

1 liter corresponds to approx. 420 g

Feeding advice
This supplementary feed may only be fed to horses up to 44.4% of the daily ration (including hay) due to the higher content of vitamins and trace elements compared to complete feed. Please adhere to the feeding recommendation.

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