AviMax Forte Nutri Boost

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Energy Booster Mix

Ultimate nutritional supplement for growth & development of baby birds


Nutri Boost is a mixture containing easily absorbable and essential nutrients. Nutri Boost contains a wide range of active components such as: high-quality and essential Amino Acids (threonine, methionine, lysine, tryptophan) and minerals, all dissolved in organic acids.


The Amino Acids are essential building blocks for baby birds and offer them support for growth and improving their resistance. The unique combination of the amino acids in Nutri Boost gives the young birds an extra boost and precisely those elements that they need in all initial stages of the growth and development.


The Minerals reinforce this effect and create strong and healthy intestinal function. In addition, extra zinc keeps the Intestinal epithelium in good condition.


The Organic Acids support the maintenance of a normal gastric acidity, having all the beneficial effect on protein digestion. Particularly with young baby birds, this is very important because acid formation in baby birds stomach is not optimal yet.

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