AviMax Forte OrgaCid

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Natural mixture of Organic Acids

Natural nutritional supplement Vitamin C liquid & Bioflavonoids


OrgaCid is a synergistic mixture of various organic acids and minerals. This product developed to add through the drinking water of aviary birds and racing pigeons.


Adding OrgaCid to the drinking water of birds will allows all ingredients to be absorbed easily. Birds having a reduced immunity or being in poorer condition will continue to drink whereas their intake is usually reduced.


For the composition of OrgaCid, the quality of the acids was taken into account, as well as what they can contribute to the birds' health. Unlike other acid mixtures, OrgaCid contains a relatively high content of lactic acid. This acid can easily be processed by birds, because it is an acid naturally produced by the body of the birds.


Organic acids may contribute to improving the overall health of birds. Organic acids lower the gastric pH of the birds and thus promote protein digestion. Optimal protein digestion results the birds' growth and immunity. In addition, many pathogenic microorganisms such as: Fungi, Yeast and Mega Bacteria are sensitive to acids.

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