AviMax Forte Worm Stop

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Repels Intestinal Parasites


Worm Stop is a nutritional supplement based on plant extracts that ensures a strong and natural barrier against worms. Worms are common internal parasites among pigeons, cage and aviary birds.

There is a large number of worms and nematodes species, which can infest birds at inappropriate conditions. Sometimes, it can even lead to the death of the bird. This product made from various plant extracts, which creates aversion among worms in the bird's intestines.

Worm Stop is produced from a sophisticated combination of different plant extracts, and a variety of phytochemicals (natural plant chemicals) that create disgust and rejection among nematodes and intestinal worms. The product has been tested and proved its effectiveness against internal parasites, and due to being a natural and organic preparation, it is completely safe for use in the environment of the winged animals and does not cause side effects. These advantages distinguish the product and make it a natural and safe alternative compared to the use of conventional chemicals.

Important note - in addition to the treatment and in order to achieve optimal results, it is very important to strictly maintain the hygiene of the cages and the breeding environment of the winged animals (especially when it comes to growing in a aviaries where the floor is a natural soil), this in order to ensure that no further infection occurs.


Allisure (AC-23) Allium, Allicine, Emulsifier E472, Thickener E415, Aqua Purificata.

Directions for use:

As a preventive treatment:

Administer for 24-hours period. Repeat treatment every 2 months.

Dose: 1ml per 1 Liter of water.


As a therapeutic treatment:

Administer for 24-hours period. Repeat treatment after 14 days.

Dose: 1ml per 1 Liter of water.

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