Dodson & Horrell Microfeed 20kg

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Microfeed A high energy, highly palatable muesli ration for racehorses. Information: Appetite: Highly palatable and high in B-vitamins to encourage eating up. Fully balanced: High level of vitamins and minerals to enable the addition of a small amount of oats without unbalancing the ration. Performance & recovery: Contains a blend of cooked carbohydrates. Muscle development: High quality protein and amino acids. Respiratory health: Added vitamin E and selenium, no supplementation needed. Bone health: Added chelated minerals and formulated to provide a balanced DCAB. Feeding guidelines: 1.2kg/100kg bodyweight Typical Intakes 6-7.5kg (13-16.5lbs)/day* *Up to 2.25kg (5lbs) of Microfeed can be replaced with oats without unbalancing the ration

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