MediGuard Psyllium Husk

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MediGuard Psyllium Husk 

Human grade quality 

Psyllium Husk (fibers) form mucus and have a binding effect. They support digestion and also the removal of sand from the intestines. A good intestinal flora is important for an optimal intake of food. Provide sufficient water when feeding Psyllium fibers.

Composition:  99,9 % Psyllium Husk.

Application: (mixed through the daily feed)

-Maintenance: 50 gr per day
-Cure: 100 gr per day for 10 days
-Ponies and smaller horses, foals: 25-50 gr

1 measuring scoop = 7 gr

Always consult with our MediGuard Team / Nutritionist.

Keep tightly sealed and protected from direct sunlight in a cool and dry place.

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