Avimax Forte Hand Feeding Plus

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Avimax Forte Hand Feeding +

High Energy Hand Feeding Formula


Hand Feeding + is a High Energy Hand Feeding Formula
It is designed for hand-feed various kind of Passerines as:
Wild Birds, Goldfinches, Siskins, Bullfinches and Finches.

The formula contains all the necessary ingredients that are
needed for the optimal growth and development of young
baby birds. It's Ideal from the day of hatch through weaning.

The formula is added with special Technological additives
such as: Oregano, Enzymes, F.O.S and Probiotic, that are
needed for improve the health and muscle development of
the young chicks and to raise healthy young baby birds.


Directions for use:
Day 1: 1 part Hand Feeding: 5 parts water
Day 2 – 4: 1 part Hand Feeding: 4 parts water
Day 5 – 7: 1 part Hand Feeding: 3 parts water
Day 8 – weaning: 1 part Hand Feeding: 2 parts water


Caution: Do not add any supplements to this formula.
Recommended Formula temperature is: 38°C - 40°C


Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein: 24.5%
Crude Fats: 14.6%
Crude Fiber: 7.7%
Crude Ash: 4.3%
Moisture: 7.8%

Nutritional additives: Vit A 12.000.00 IU, Vit D3 1.400.00 IU, Vit E 130mg, Vitamin K3 3.6mg, Vit.B1 0.8mg, Vit B2 2.5mg, Nicotinic acid 50mg, Pantothenic Acid 15mg, Vit B6 1.25mg, Vit B12 52mg, Biotin 1.8mg, Folic Acid 2.75mg, Vit C 68mg.

Minerals: Calcium 9.8g, Phosphorus 6.2g, Magnesium 1.3Potassium 5.4g Sodium 1.3g, Chloride 1.7g, Sulphate 21mg, Calcium iodide 0,3mg, Carbonate Monohydrate 0,8mg, Zinc sulphate monohydrate 34mg, Chelated Manganese 18,8mg, Chelated Zinc 31mg, Sodium selenite 0.1mg, Copper 5.3mg, Copper sulphate-pentahydrate 3.7mg, Iron Sulphate 12.4mg,

Amino Acids: Arginine 14g, Isoleucine 8g, Tryptophan 2.8g, Valine 11g, Cysteine 4.2g, Glycine 7g, Histidine 5g, Lysine 12g, Leucine 17g, Methionine 6.5g, Tyrosine 7.2g, Threonine 8.7g.

Fatty Acids: Linoleic acid 4.1g, Omega-3 0.8g, Omega-6 4.3g.

Technological additives: Oregano, Enzymes, F.O.S, Probiotic.

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