Medvetico Brandon+ GastroIntestinal 3kg

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Medvetico Brandon+ Gastrointestinal


The digestion and absorption of nutrients on the one hand and the elimination of indigestible feed components and waste products from the body on the other are among the main functions of the intestine. In addition, the intestine is one of the few organs, which comes directly into contact with the environment, so its immune system is particularly important. The resulting unique position of this organ system explains why damage to the intestinal mucous membranes and the intestinal flora have wide-reaching consequences for the entire body. The gastrointestinal tract's complex tasks may no longer be able to be maintained, in particular in horses in exceptional situations such as illness, breeding, stress and increased performance requirements. This often leads to stomach ulcers, which can manifest in a wide range of manners such as yawning, tooth grinding, loss of appetite, susceptibility to colic, weight loss, loss of performance, back problems and unrideability.

Brandon® plus gastrointestinal supports the body in maintaining the health of the gastrointestinal mucous membranes, improves the regeneration of the intestinal villi, and thus improves nutrient absorption in the intestine, contributing to the development of a balanced intestinal flora. The active ingredients are coated using a modern technical procedure (micelle production) so that they are better absorbed in the intestine and transported more quickly to their destination. PSB® complexes (functional cellular building blocks) supply the necessary base material for cellular regeneration, thus speeding up the regeneration of damaged tissue. The gentle cracked linseed coats the stomach and intestine walls with its natural mucilage and protects them against harmful effects. In addition, the pre and pro-biotic effects of the ß-glucans and live yeast facilitate stimulation of the natural functioning of the digestive system.

BrandonPlus Gastrointestinal:

• for digestive problems
• for watery stools
• for recurring colic
• for stomach ulcers or if stomach ulcers are suspected
• ideal in combination with Brandon® xl


Feeding recommendation

Approx. 20 g per 100 kg of body weight daily or as recommended by your veterinarian. Brandon® plus gastrointestinal should be given mixed into the feed.
1 measuring cup = approx. 100 g

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