St-Hippolyt C-Real Basics Dynamic 20kg

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St-Hippolyt C'Real Basics Dynamic


Palatable grain ration with Glyx factor

Hydrothermally treated barley, maize and black oat flakes as a basis for balanced, vigorous and healthy horses. The C'Real Basics products are made from natural, environmentally friendly grown cereals which are washed, pregerminated and hydrothermally treated to improve the metabolization of the starch.


After washing, the grains are pregerminated in a carrot fermentate. Similar to the leavening principle, this induces a modulation of the cereal starch. The starch, which is broken down to glucose in the small intestine, is released more slowly that way. The result is a moderate increase of blood sugar levels and in the consequence a moderate insulin response. In addition, the modulated starch contributes to the formation of short-chain fatty acids in the large intestine which, in turn, provide insulin-independent energy. This prevents metabolic risks caused by a quick increase in blood sugar levels and a performance dip as a result of decreasing blood sugar levels. The carrot fermentate topping additionally improves the texture of the grain flakes and increases the palatability of the C'Real Basics products. That way, a palatable ration of cereals with Glyx factor is created. This means that the feed has a low-glycaemic index as the starch and sugar contents are fermentatively modulated, which improves their metabolization and provides for balanced blood sugar levels.

Pure, hydrothermally processed cereal mixture for horses. One of its special features are the black oat grains, which haven proven themselves in feeding sport and breeding horses for years and which are grown regionally in the Kraichgau area, one of Germany’s main cereal growing areas.



60% Black Oats, 30 % Barley, 10 % Maize Flakes


Feeding recommendation

To supplement the usual basic supply of forage and/or grass as well as minerals and/or concentrates we recommend approx. 50-500 g per 100 kg body weight and day. The total amount of feed should be divided into several meals.

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