St-Hippolyt C-Real Maisflocken 20kg

Article number: 113366

Single feed for horses

100% corn flakes with a low raw protein content and a high energy density. Only hydrothermal digestion of the maize kernel enables the horse to digest it enzymatically.

The C‘Real Basics products consist of naturally pure and ecologically carefully grown grain, which is washed, sprouted and hydrothermally digested to improve the metabolism of starch.

After washing, the grain is sprouted in a carrot fermentate. Similar to the sourdough principle, this modulates the grain starch. The starch, which is broken down into glucose in the small intestine, is released more slowly. The result is a moderate increase in blood sugar combined with a lower insulin response, so that the product has a low glycemic index (Glyx). The modulated starch also contributes to the formation of short-chain fatty acids in the large intestine, which in turn provide insulin-independent energy. The topping made from carrot fermentate also improves the texture of the cereal flakes and increases the palatability of the C‘Real Basics products. The result is a tasty glyx-factor cereal flake!

Feeding recommendation
As a supplement to the usual basic feed supply with roughage and / or pasture grass as well as mineral feed and / or concentrated feed, we recommend approx. 50-500 g per 100 kg body weight per day. The total amount of feed should be offered in several rations.

1 liter corresponds to approx. 300 g

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