St-Hippolyt Equilizer

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St-Hippolyt Equilizer


Nerve Food

Do you want your horse highly concentrated and listening closely to your every command? Do you want its muscles flexible and relaxed in the middle of large crowds and lots of noise? It may sound like wishful thinking, but proper nutrition can play a crucial role. The special composition of herbs containing ginseng , melissa, chamomile, essential fatty and amino acids as well as a high-dose of vitamin B12 will increase the mental capacity of a horse in all stressful situations.

• suitable for sport horses
• to reduce stress during transport or when changing stables.
• during rest periods
• pelleted

Horses as flight animals respond very sensitively to environmental stimuli. Some animals are very jumpy, making it difficult to handle in everyday life. For this reason, it can be an adventure to ride them. Such be havioural patterns are reinforced by various stress factors. These include excessive demands in training and competition, lack of exercise, transport, changing stables, irregular feeding times or hierarchical problems while grouped together.


Stress due to malnutrition?

A diet lacking in variety can be a cause of over-sensitivity. Common feeding mistakes include overfeeding with cereals or diets with a lack of forage herbs and nutrients which may promote jumpiness or stress. Equalizer is a newly developed drug-free "anti-stress food supplement" that fills gaps that have been left in the supply of nutrients to the nervous system. This promotes a stable nerve function. And horses remain relaxed even in stressful situations.


Food for the nervous system

Through its unique combination of nutrient-rich herbs, including ginseng, Siberian ginseng, chamomile, melissa, propolis and a high magnesium protein complex, Equilizer reduces the excessive release of stress hormones. The added lecithin in conjunction with a variety of B-vitamins creates a more stable transmission of nerve impulses.


Problems of the nervous system due to free radical substances

Over a long period, stress creates radical and aggressive substances which damage the protective layer of the nerves and can jeopardize a regulated function of the nervous system. Possible effects include erratic behaviour, muscle tension and ataxia. St. Hippolyt’s Equilizer contains diverse natural protective substances to neutralize the free radicals. Essential fatty acids derived from plant seeds and natural lecithin contribute to the regeneration of the nerve sheath. Numerous application experiences have confirmed that Equilizer promotes normal behaviour in stress-susceptible horses.



Wheat germs, brewer`s yeast, herbs, ginseng, taigaroot (sibirian ginseng), milk thistle, chamomile, melissa, lecithin, chlorella algae, magnesium-protein-complex, oil mixture (linseed-, sunfloweroil), apple syrup, fruit vinegar, seaweed meal, propolis


Feeding recommendation

Mix approx. 5 g per 100 kg body weight into the daily amountof concentrates. Where appropriate, the quantity may be doubled for a period of time. 1 measuring spoon = 15 g

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