St-Hippolyt HippoLinol

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St-Hippolyt HippoLinol


Oil – The Smarter Way of Feeding

Oats and grass seeds are those components in horse feed that contain unsaturated fatty acids which are beneficiary for the blood flow, ensure a shiny coat and a healthy hoof structure. Fatty acids are also part of the cell walls and contribute to the regeneration of nerve and organ cells, providing at the same time a protein- and sugar-free source of energy for horses susceptible to tying-up and those suffering from grain allergies. According to the latest research studies of the Kentucky Equine Research In stitute, vegetable oil reduces the glycemic index of a diet rich in grain, giving a lower blood sugar and thus contributing to increased performances.

HippoLinol is a well-balanced blend of linseed, sunflower, corn and wheat germ oil. Native herb oils add the finishing touch to the formula.

• incredibly rich range in fatty acids
• rich in secondary plant substances
• especially rich in clouding agents


Carefully produced

St. Hippolyt’s vegetable oils are of very high quality. They are cold pressed at temperatures below 40° with moderate pressure only, followed by a smooth sedimentation procedure. This protects the oils’ sensitive fatty acids from being destroyed as a result of thermal, chemical or me chanical stress. The raw materials used for the production of these oils are sourced from certified organic and certified pollution free contract farms. The high quality of the raw materials in combination with the gentle process used to produce these oils give them a very special flavour and make them rich in highly nutritious clouding agents and other valuable oil compounds.

Linseed oil has the highest concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids of all known vegetable oils. This makes linseed oil extremely sensitive to heat and difficult to pr ocess. The smooth extraction methods used in the production of St. Hippolyt’s linseed oil assure that its peroxide value remains low and has few fatty acids to make the product perfect.

• contains 50% Omega-3 fatty acids
• highly nutritious by cold pressing
• natural without filtration


Feeding recommendation

Mix approx. 5-50 ml per 100 kg body weight into the daily amount of concentrates.

With HippoLinol you can offer your horse not only some starch-free energy, but also a maximum of polyunsaturated fatty acids with a particularly versatile pattern of fatty acids. This makes a valuable contribution to the horse’s health, not just during periods of coat changing.

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