St-Hippolyt Int. Sports Champions Claim 20kg

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Complementary feed for horses

The muscles are tense, sweat turns into white foam flakes and widened nostrils snort rhythmically in time with the movement - horses in demanding training and strenuous competition are true high-performance athletes. So that the genetic potential of the well-trained sports partner can be fully exploited, we recommend our scientifically based feed concept - International Sports Champions Claim.

  • Nutrients for optimized muscle work
  • With 300 mg of natural vitamin E per kg
  • With seaweed, oils and oil fruits, herb-free
  • Doping free

Champions Claim was developed in collaboration with the renowned Kentucky Equine Research Institute (KER). The recipe is based on research results that have been proven several times at the Olympic Games as well as in racing and endurance riding.

KER conducts research with the aim of improving the health and constitution of horses. The high-performance feed Champions Claim was developed together with St. Hippolyt as a partner for Germany. The basis is a low-starch, but fat and fiber-rich conception, which leads to a lower increase in muscle lactate and carbon dioxide production.


Ideally suited for the disciplines dressage, jumping, eventing, western or driving sports, which require a mixed, aerobic-anaerobic muscle metabolism. In endurance or racing sports, the combination of oils or grains can increase the intake of fat or starch and thus be adapted to the respective muscle metabolism.

Endurance riding with high oxygen consumption is required in endurance riding. To avoid muscle acidification, feeding in the low glycemic range with a limited intake of carbohydrates is advantageous. For this purpose, Champions Claim is fed together with high-quality oils, e.g. HippoLinol.

For top performance on the racetrack, Champions Claim is combined with grain, such as C ‘Real Basics Dynamic. Highly digested carbohydrates provide the energy for the anaerobic muscle metabolism.

Feeding recommendation:
As a supplement to the basic forage supply with roughage and / or pasture grass. From an amount of approx. 500-700 g per 100 kg body weight and day, no additional mineral feed is necessary. The total amount should be offered in several rations. In the case of lower dosages or supply deficits, we recommend adding SemperMin or MicroVital.

1 liter corresponds to approx. 550 g

Feeding advice:
This supplementary feed may only be fed to horses up to 62.5% of the daily ration (including hay) due to the higher content of vitamins and trace elements compared to complete feed. Please adhere to the feeding recommendation.

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