St-Hippolyt Int. Sports Champions Claim 20kg

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St-Hippolyt International Sports Champions Claim


Reaching the Pinnacle of Success

Training, competition and victory. There is hardly any other sensation that comes close to describing the feeling of horse and rider becoming a unit than a successful tournament start. And our chances to succeed naturally increase if our horse is willingly co-operating, if it is prepared to give it all and if it is fighting for us. Competiti on horses are of course specially bred and trained, but a perfect nutritional basis helps the horse to successfully mobilize all its power and stamina potential. International Sports has been designed to perfectly support the nutritional requirements of your horse, based on a scientifically formulated and well-proven feeding concept.


International Sports Champions Claim

Champions Claim has been developed in co-operation with the well-known Kentucky Equine Research Institut ( KER). The feed formula is based on sound research results that have proven themselves at Olymic Games, in racing and endurance riding.

• muscle-supporting essential nutrients
• including 300 mg natural Vitamin E per kg
• free from herbs, high level of acceptance
• including ground algae, oils and oleaginous fruits

KER's research efforts are conducted with the aim to improve the horses' health and physical constitution. In co-operation with horse owners and partners from the horse feed ind ustry, KER uses its knowledge and the results of its own horse performance research to adapt these findings in practice. St. Hippolyt as the corresponding partner in Germany, and KER have developped the high-performance feed Champions Claim together. Maximum sports performances require power and stamina, but also the ability to concentrate and good nerves.


Scientifically proven

St. Hippolyt horse feeds only contain moderate amounts of starch. KER confirms our approach - horse feeds that are high in starch and that consequently have a high glycemic index, unnecessarily elevate the blood sugar and are responsible for insulin-related fluctuations in performance, loss of condition and lack of energy reserves.

A horse feed that is moderate in starch, however, high in fat and fibre, only slightly raises the muscle lactic acid and carbon dioxide production. The results are an improved heart and endurance performance, reduced sweat losses, improved breathing and a reduction of digestive problems. The reduced in sulin release and the associated lower increase in cortisol improve stress tolerance and promotes a calm temper.


One product – three different kinds of application

Champions Claim is the perfect horse feed for horses competing in disciplines such as dressage, jumping, eventing, western riding or driving that require an aerobic-anaerobic muscle metabolism. In combination with oils or cereals, it is possible to increase the supply of fat and protein in order to adapt to the respective energy requirements.


Champions Claim + oil

Endurance riding requires a high level of stamina and a lot of oxygen over hours. To prevent the hyperacidity of the muscles, it is of advantage to feed the horses a low-glycemic product with a reduced amount of carbohydrates. Champions Claim is fed in combination with high-quality oils such as HippoLinol.


Champions Claim + cereals

For highest performances on the race track, Champions Claim is fed with cereals such as C'Real Basics Dynamic. Highly digestible carbohydrates provide the required energy for an anaerobic muscle metabolism.



Barley flakes, cornflakes, sugar beet fibres, whole grain oat flakes 10%, sugar beet molasses, alfalfafibres, oil seed mixture (linseed, sunflower seeds) 5%, soy flakes debittered and toasted*), oil mixture (maize germ, linseed, sunflower oil) 3%, dried apples, wheat bran, maize germs, apple syrup, warm air dried chopped grass, Himalayan salt, wheat germs, calcium carbonate (maritime and mineral), seaweed meal, brewer‘s yeast, fruit vinegar


Feeding recommendation

To supplement a basic diet consisting of roughage and/or grass. No additional mineral feed is required when feeding at least 500-700 g per 100 kg body weight per day. The total amount of feed should be divided into several meals. If a lower dosage is used or in case of deficient supply, we recommend additionally feeding SemperMin or MicroVital.
1 litre = approx. 550 g

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