St-Hippolyt Makor

Article number: 113384

Dietary Complementary feed for horses for the reduction of stress reactions

Loose and well trained muscles are the basis of all equestrian sport disciplines. Specific nutrients such as magnesium and vitamin E are particularly important for training success. Magnesium helps relax muscle after contraction and supports the transmission of stimuli between nerve and muscle cells. Vitamin E improves the oxygen supply to the cell for continuous performance. Deficiencies may lead to the horse exhibiting muscle tension, less mental resilience, sensitivity to the weather, an unwillingness to work and a lack of drive. Makor has proven itself in times of increased training intensity, during competitions, with tense, anxious horses, with a change in the stable or climate, longer transport distances, pregnancy or birth and in stressful situations.

Feeding recommendation:
Offer approx. 5 g per 100 kg body weight per day.
Note: Where appropriate, the quantity may be doubled for a period of time. Not suitable for covering a horses’ total mineral requirements. The recommended feeding duration is about 2-4 weeks. Before start feeding or changing the duration it is recommended to seek the advice of a professional.
1 measuring spoon = approx 15 g

Due to a higher vitamin and trace element content compared to complete feed, this complementary feed may only be fed to horses as up to 12,5 % of their daily rations (incl. hay). Please keep to the feeding recommendation.

Keep in a cool and dry area.

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