St-Hippolyt Meta-Diät 25kg

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St-Hippolyt Meta-Diät


Getting the Chemistry Right

When a horse is tired and doesn’t perform well, when it shows abnormal loss of body weight despite being fed enough, or when it is struggling with scratches, it might be suffering from liver disease. Besides, oedema or abnormal urination may be hints on additional kidney problems. Some of the most frequent ones are mouldy complete or concentrated feeds, infections, intestinal flora problems, toxic plants, worm infestations or certain medications.

Meta-Diät is a natural and effective alternative to conventional concentrated feed for horses suffering from liver or kidney problems. It contains a range of natural functional nutrients that actively support the development of a healthy intestinal flora, support liver function and protect organ cells.

• contains a well-balanced composition of amino acids
• rich in detoxifying and protective nutrients
• contains specific nutritious herbs



Cornflakes, barley flakes, maize germs, alfalfa fibres, wheat bran, herbs 5.6% (peppermint, artichoke, milk thistle, caraway, curcuma), carrots, brewer‘s yeast, sugar beet fibres, wheat germs, apple syrup, oil seed mixture (linseed, sunflower, black caraway, fennel) finely ground 3.9%, maltyeast-mixture, grape seed extract, dried apple, sea algae flour, barley germs, whey powder, salt, beta-carotene, garlic, calcium carbonate (maritime and mineral), linseed oil 0.2%


Feeding recommendation

To supplement the supply of roughage and/or grass, we recommend feeding 400-500 g per 100 kg body weight per day. The total amount of feed should be divided into several meals. If a lower dosage is used, we recommend supplementing with Equimeb Hepa. To meet increased energy requirements, supplement with e.g. maize flakes and/or Palatin Glyx-Wiese Heucobs. We recommend combining with MicroVital.
1 litre = approx. 750 g

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