St-Hippolyt Vitamin E +Selen

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St-Hippolyt Vitamin E +Selen


Relaxed on the Move

Hardly any other nutrient than magnesium has shown to have such influence on the quality of life. However, until this became common knowledge, many riders had to cope with tensed horses during riding that were also susceptible to recurrent colic symptoms. The significance of magnesium and vitamin E for a proper functioning muscle metabolism and the heart was discovered quite early. And the trace element selenium is also known for its muscle-protective properties. It is a fact that horses’ life expectancies have greatly increased because of the availability of high-quality supplements - just like for humans.

Antioxidants like vitamin E, selenium and Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC) have the ability to protect the organism’s cells from the consequences of increased performances, poor health or stress.


Free radicals vs. antioxidants

High performances and stress cause the release of free radicals which are known to destroy cellular walls, to damage the immune system and to promote the development of allergies. Supplementing the daily feed with antioxidants such as vitamin E, C and A, the trace element selenium and Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC’s) derived from grape seed extract serves as additional protection.

• hoher Anteil an natürlichem Vitamin E
• besonders hoher Gesamtgehalt an Vitamin E
• viele weitere antioxidative Nährstoffe


Specific use

The consequences of deficiencies in antioxidants are general weakness, unrideability, muscle problems and susceptibility to infections which can result in chronic diseases. The soil in many regions is considered to be low in selenium so that this trace element frequently lacks in the basic feed. Supplementing the daily diet with selenium is sometimes inevitable. The usage of vitamin E plus selenium is widespread and not only restricted to competition horses.



Maize germs, carrots, barley flakes, parsley, apple syrup, herbs (hawthorn, coriander), grape seed extract, brewer`s yeast, seaweed meal, oil seed mixture (linseed, sunflower) 1.6%, barley germs, pea protein, dried apples


Feeding recommendation

Mix approx. 5 g per 100 kg body weight into the daily amount of concentrates. Where appropriate, the quantity may be doubled for a period of time. 1 measuring spoon = 15 g.

Is not suitable to cover the horse’s total mineral requirements.

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